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My name is Cameron McKay; I am now in my 4th semester (2nd year) at Lindenwood University, St. Charles, Missouri...

I have loved every minute of my scholarship and easily living the best days of my life so far. This is solely down to The Scholarship Co and there tremendous efforts to find a school which suited me best. The Scholarship Co are completely different from the other Scholarship companies I contacted. They put you the customer first before their fee. There were no hidden fees that need to be paid, they explain absolutely everything to you and they will find you the best scholarship available. Not only do they find you a magnificent scholarship, but they help out with all the complicated paperwork, like the SAT exam registration, the clearing house process, VISA and School applications. Without The Scholarship Co, I would still be trying to find a school that I could afford. I am so happy with my placement and I wouldn’t be here if not for the guidance and assistance of Jon and Gordon.

I recently suffered a serious knee injury at the end of the fall season. The Scholarship Co had offered an insurance company to my Dad (approximately £200 for 10 months cover) and a surgery that would have cost $20,000+ was covered with only $200 to pay! I now have athletic training staff helping me daily with my rehab and recovery. It has been hard experience to go through in a different country without parents, but phone calls and emails from Jon and Gordon have helped me get through the ordeal. It isn’t just a business and you are not just a number, the Scholarship Co keep in touch and look after every individual they send to America. I know the guys are only a call or an email away if I need information or advice.

I am having the best experience of my life and I would have regretted my decision if I did not come to America. I am glad I still have two years left.

Thanks Gordon and Jon,

Cameron McKay

Throughout the process, The Scholarship Co kept in regular contact with us and kept us up to speed with all developments and any paperwork that we had to complete within crucial timescales...

The support offered was excellent and there were many times that I felt I could call upon the company for advice and guidance day or night.

The scholarship Co offered and provided us with a first class service. A young adult moving to the other side of the world is an anxious time for any parent but the scholarship company guided us through the difficult process in a truly professional manner.

Mrs J. Trench

The Scholarship Co has helped me towards gaining a degree whilst playing soccer at a high level in a fantastic country...

Right from the first meeting with the consultants at the company I have received nothing but a first class service. This was particularly pleasing after previously being signed up with another scholarship company in the past and having a horrible experience.

Even after the guys find you a Scholarship they are always just a phone call away with any queries I have ever had.  I have nothing but praise for what the guys at The Scholarship Co have done for me. I am currently loving my life here out in the States and would recommend this experience to anyone considering it.

Stuart Trench (Minnesota)

The Scholarship Company secured me a scholarship to study business administration at Lindenwood University...

From beginning to end I found their level of service and dedication to getting me the best possible offer beyond reproach.

Not only were they able to take care of all the administrative and bureaucratic work around the admission and immigration process but they also provided me with invaluable guidance and advice regarding the transition from UK university life to the very different way of life that awaited me on a US college campus.

Their hands-on approach and personal experience of attending college in the US on a sports scholarship meant that I obtained the scholarship I wanted but most importantly I was able to settle in to a new way of life from Day One. I would highly recommend The Scholarship Co to anyone interested in exploring the possibility of attending university in the US as a student athlete.

John Mullally, BSc, BA, MBA

I had gained a place at Stirling University and was playing Pro-youth with Ayr United FC U19`s...

Unfortunately signing pro forms and studying for my degree was never going to be possible with the current system in the UK. It was either one or the other…

Through the guys at The Scholarship Co, I am now doing both and loving every minute! I train and play in facilities only rivalled by Rangers or Celtic back home in Scotland. I have travelled all over the US, 10 states already and over 20 cities and have friends and team mates from all over the world. I`ve been named athlete of the month and made the All American team II this year in what has been a great season.

I am nearly 3yrs into my math degree and have already been offered funding to stay an extra year and take my masters. Life is great for me at the moment, and I owe it all to the guys at The Scholarship Co for getting me a great deal at a fantastic university. Thanks guys!

Craig McTear  (Missouri)

Making contact with “The Scholarship Co” is probably one of the best decisions I ever made...

Here’s why:

Having played for numerous pro-youth teams over the years, I then joined Ardrossan Winton Rovers in the junior leagues in my final year in Scotland.  I always remember when playing back home, we’d be training on cold, wet, weekday nights, and during the winter games could be cancelled for weeks on end.  In the US it’s so much different. Night and day, in fact.

Through the Scholarship Co, I joined Palm Beach Atlantic men’s soccer team, a school which is in West Palm Beach, Florida. Each morning I attend classes, or perhaps even hit the beach for an hour or so if your schedule permits. Weekday practice is at 3 pm, but in turning up an hour beforehand you can see a doctor, a chiropractor or a masseuse, depending on the day.  Training is mainly technical with some tactical shaping involved, depending on whether there is a game coming up. We arrive back on campus around 6-6.30, so training is long, but I can’t think of anything better to be doing on a weekday afternoon than kicking a ball about in the sunshine. On returning to campus you can receive treatment or take an ice bath, to recover your muscles so that you are able to go out and do it all over the next day.

The season runs from August until December and we play approximately 30 games. These vary somewhat, and if they are nearby we will drive to the fixture, returning the same day. However if the game is in another state, we usually take a charter which is like a luxury bus with wifi so that the players can keep up with school work. These trips can last around 3 days and you stay in a hotel while on the road. Sometimes you may play back to back games on the road, which is why a lot of teams carry big squads. This season my team played in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Sometimes there is the option to fly to games, which happened the previous year.

My first season turned out fairly well; the team won the NCCAA south regional tournament which saw us qualify for nationals where 8 teams compete in a knockout style tournament. The tournament takes place in Orlando where you get to stay for 5 days, so all in all not a bad end to the season!

This season I was chosen to the NCCAA South regional team.

The Scholarship Co helped make all this possible for me, and dealing with Gordon and his staff was smooth and hassle free and they were always willing to pull out all the stops and go that extra mile to ensure that they delivered on their promises. I love my time here in the US, and the coaches and my team mates, who are all also now close friends, not forgetting all the other close friends I’ve made over here,  is making this an experience I’ll never forget.

I would thoroughly recommend the Scholarship Co to anyone considering the option of playing football in the States.

Kevin Ireland (Florida)

I am extremely happy where I am attending university in West Palm Beach Florida...

The people are really friendly and the weather is fantastic. As well as this I had a great season finishing as the top goal scorer in NCAA division 2 and also being an All American. I have to thank The Scholarship Co as they gave me this opportunity to come here. I am very happy with what they have done for me.

Kenny Hogg (Florida)